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A Letter from The Board of Directors


The King’s Counterpoint needs you!

We have heard from many of our supporters over the past five years that they would like to be more involved with King's Counterpoint; however, they don't know how to become a part of KCP when they aren't gifted with the angelic voices of the choir, or don't have the financial wherewithal to sponsor the group as they might like.

So we wanted to send out a note to let you know that there are many ways that you can be a
FRIEND OF KINGS COUNTERPOINT, become an integral part of this great organization, and lend some much-needed support! 

As we begin our 2022-2023 concert season, we need dedicated supporters like YOU to help with concerts, grant writing, fundraising events, public awareness and more!

Concerts:  There are many, many elements of a concert that do not involve the singers, and many ways that you might help, including

  • Recruiting/Organizing Volunteers – reaching out to our KCP friends as needed

  • Ushers – assisting reserved seating guests locate their seats and distributing programs

  • Ticket sales – collecting prepaid tickets, assisting with “Will Call” & selling tickets to walk-ins

  • Programs – copying and assembling programs prior to events

  • Advertising – distribution of posters and postcards

  • Concert Signage – printing signs for reserved seating, ticket table, etc

  • Setup & Cleanup – setting up the ticketing tables and reserved seating areas and returning the venue to its original state, including moving chairs and picking up discarded programs

  • Refreshments – coordinating bottled water and a light snack for the choir after rehearsal and during intermission


Grants:  Grant-writing could benefit the group in numerous ways, and you can help if you have knowledge that includes:

  • Research – finding applicable grants

  • Writing – utilizing grant writing techniques required to obtain grants

  • Managing – tracking and documenting allocation of funds as needed


Fundraising Events: In addition to many of the functions included with Concerts listed above, our special Fundraising Events require additional resources, including

  • Organizing food & beverage donations

  • Organizing raffle items

  • Setup of the event space

  • Serving food & beverages

  • Cashiering for raffle items

  • Coordinating with sponsors


Social Media: Everyone knows that social media plays a vital role in our lives today.  You can help by making sure to share events with your friends. 

Businesses or Organizations: If you know businesses or organizations that would be willing to display event posters, we can provide them, and that's always a great help. But not everyone is aware that Business Sponsorships are a great way to support KCP - and as a registered Non-Profit and Charitable Organization, KCP is eligible to receive matching donations through most companies and for donations made through the United Way!

YOUR IDEAS!  We at King's Counterpoint are always looking for new and exciting ways to promote the choir and to raise funds in support of our community programs.  If you have ideas, we would love to hear from YOU!

To become a part of the growing team that works in front of the stage and behind the scenes to make this amazing group’s events a success, please contact KCP Board President Paul Thompson via our Contact Form.

With many and sincere thanks,

   Dr. Paul H. Thompson. Board President
   and the The King's Counterpoint Board of Directors

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